Five intrepid Banditos signed up for the game at Rijswijkse on June 24th. The course boundaries are defined by roads or water as Rijswijkse nestles in the Hoge Broekpolder between Den Haag and Delft, so available land in the area comes at a premium.  The course itself is a polder baan, relatively flat with beautiful water features (beauty, as ever, lies in the eye of the beholder, and certain Banditos were less impressed at the ability of the beautiful water to swallow balls). One of the key advantages of being surrounded by built up areas is the compact nature of the course and walking between greens and the next tee was minimal. This must have been a contributory factor to the fact that the games were remarkably swift by Banditos standards.

The weather was perfect for golf (sunny, not hot and a healthy breeze) and some Banditos even arrived wearing shorts. With five players participating, a two ball, three ball formation was chosen for maximum efficiency that paid off with the first flight completing the 18 holes in three hours and 40 minutes. The course poses some nice challenges with strategically placed water hazards and bunkers (or badly placed balls) and was well thought of during the post-match analysis on the terrace. The scores were Andy Symmonds 38, Peter 37, Duncan Gibson-Smith 32, Rene Janssen 31 and the guest captain Erwin de Jager 31. Duncan won the neary and the longest drive remained open as nobody managed to place their ball on the fairway.


Rijswijkse - Sun 24th Jun 2018
Andy Symmonds 38
Peter Tolboom 37
Duncan Gibson-Smith 32
Rene Janssen 31
Erwin de Jager 31
Longest Drive: nobody
Neary: Duncan Gibson-Smith