Ray goes top of the leaderboard after toying with Houtrak's back 9

With 11 players turning out for Houtrak ,and with ideal conditions (well ok ten degrees too hot), a good score was a strong possibility.  

Ray took some time to get rolling on the front 9 getting to just 15 points but then turned on the afterburners from the 10th  to score 23 on the back 9 (in just 7 holes, including 3x4 pointers and two streepjes) which as they were on holes 16 and 18 made one wonder....

Ray repays his sponsor at Haverleij

A hugely hot day and an empty course greeted the Banditos at Haverleij.  Andy had lost 3kgs in sweat before he got to the first tee.  Our stamina was tested, and the green speeds in Brabant appear to be somewhat slower than Scotland. 

Congratulations to Niall for a first ever prize with the Banditos with a sumptuous drive down 11 and also to Kleis for a 15 foot Neary at 17th which was just a tricky  97m on the day.

A message from our motivater

Zoetemeer: Motivational tips & tricks


Well the Banditos once again proved that they are masters of the weather, if not the sport of golf.

This was clearly demonstrated by the decision to abandon a rain-soaked Amsterdam for the relatively fine weather in Zoetemeer.

We also welcomed Linda & Raoul who did not seem to be overwhelmed by playing with such as set of highly trained physical athletes.

John has given you the details of who won what on final scores & asked me to write a little about motivational issues.

Zoetemeer results

14 golfers traded the rain of Amsterdam for the sun of Zoetemeer, and found the course in excellent condition. We doubted the genorosity of the handicap slope rating with most people getting 4-6 more shots to negotiate Zoetermeer's hazards.

Scoring was respectable with 8 golfers in the 30s.

Summer Matchplay competition (update)

Dear Banditos, 

we have 6 entrants so far for the competition...   It would be good to get to 8 because then we will play 2 groups of 4 players with 3 matches in each pool...with the top 2 from each pool reaching a semi final.

So roll call - any more entrants

Philip - 2013 champion  ?

Kleis ?


Gary Singleton

Paul Brady

please either send me a message to enter, or even easier - complete the poll on the summer matchplay competiton.  



Banditos Captain 2014