Latest Results

Purmerend - Sat 28th Feb 2015
John Williams 15
Steward Warburn 14
Erwin de Jager 11
Niall Fitzgibbon 10
Ian Cherington 9
Andy Symmonds 5

What can I say? Thanks to my fellow bandits who turned up on a nice winter's morning to take on the Yellow 9 and played just a little bit more badly than I did.

Banditos Match Report – Olympus February 8

The forecast was dry and the day started out nicely, with blue skies and sunshine promising a dry morning. Naturally, by the time the hardier banditos had gathered for the latest event of the winter schedule there were some very threatening dark clouds looming, but play commenced undaunted. The clouds thankfully did nothing worse than loom, so the wet weather gear had a relaxing outing.

Purmerend 17th Jan.

A week of rain and cold made our start uncertain until the morning of the match.

The club message board called the course “severely wet, with water-filled bunkers”, which was very accurate.

Late withdrawals took us down to 2x 3 balls, which was just as well, as it gave us time to look for plugged balls, even on the fairway!

Recent swing adjustments, under instruction of Mr Killin, gave me quiet confidence and a steady approach at the first set up an opening par. Always a good boost to start.

Winter Games

Surprisingly good weather for the Banditos first Winter game at Purmerend Red course. Congratulations to Michael on his first Banditos win and even adding to the birdy count in the process.

A short recap on winter rules: 

  • 9 hole games
  • Preferred lies on the fairway
  • Best 3 scores for the season count towards the final score
  • No prizes, lots of honour.

Purmerend - Sun 26th Oct 2014