Anderstein - Sat 18th Jul 2015
Kleis Broekhuizen 32
Andy Symmonds 32
Ray Goodsir 27
Leonardo Pacenti 27
Mikael Ombach 20
Mandeep Lotay 20
Longest Drive: Mandeep Lotay
Neary: Nobody


Williams wins prize at Prise

A birdie on the last, stemming from a lipped-out eagle from 100m out, turned a somewhat mediocre score into a winning one.

A very enjoyable day was had by all, as it always is at Prise d'Eau, a course just 320 km east of Tilbury.

The sun shone as a Liberator bomber flew around overhead, reminding Ian of his youth.

Oddly for the Banditos we stayed for dinner at the club afterwards, eating low calorie salads and sipping smoothies.

Windy Wilnis

I think we all liked this new addition to the Banditos agenda. The wind made an already interesting course more so.
Nice to see Joost back with us, and new boy Mikael looks like he needs a thorough recalculation of handicap !

Unfortunatley the useless secretary left the scores on the clubhouse table and has had to rely on people's memories and honesty - not that bandits are known to be dishonest...
The scores are entered and now I suppose, final.

On to the summer season

The winter is over, bring on the sunshine and 18 holes followed by cold beers, rather than the soggy 9 followed up by warmchocolademelkmetslagroom..

Nearly managed to upset Andy and Ian, if those puts on the 7th and 9th had gone in.. But congratulations to Andy for his first win of any golf competition anywhere. We will be watching that handicap creep down over the summer Andy.

Excellent to see a new Bandit today. Welcome to the fray Leonardo !

Today's results were: