I can happily report that playing a home match does have advantages.

Finally the accolade of "winner" is mine - we have to go back to the first Banditos match in 2011 for my last victory! So the celebrations were sweet and long.

In fact, the victory was made even sweeter when it became clear that I had won a fierce and ruthless battle with Ray for the spoils - even though neither of us knew much about it. I have my revenge for my matchplay semi-final defeat.

Matchplay - Ray's Report

John asked me to write a few words, meaning he said less than my normal 1000 words, about the Match play competition last Sunday. Well I think we all very much enjoyed the day, the weather was good & the club hospitality excellent. I had not played there previously and was pleased to experience the little ”extras” such as hot chocolate “dingetjes” & watermelon being served by our host on a buggy during the rounds. Many thanks to John in particular for organizing the whole day. OK, with assistance from Ian & Duncan & other nameless helpers.

Best Golf

Best - Sat 11th Jun 2016
Joe Williams 35
Niall Fitzgibbon 34
Peter Tolboom 31
Erwin de Jager 31
John Williams 30
Philip Vischjager 29
Andy Symmonds 27
Ray Goodsir 26
Ian Cherington 24
Duncan Gibson-Smith