Rather than go on about how I won with 40 points - sorry Erwin, just pipped you again :) - I will use this slot to blatantly beg for money for a good cause. The next time you see me, hopefully at the International, I will have no hair ! I am shaving my head for the St Baldricks Charity dedicated to supporting Children's Cancer research. Please CLICK HERE to give generously and have a laugh at me getting a sunburned head in the glorious weather we all expect for golf in the coming weeks.

Thank You

Summer Schedule is finalised

After much deliberation and exchange of emails, the Summer schedule is now finalised. The registration system and the schedule link on this site are now up to date.

Notable changes:  Efteling is moved forward to 6th May, Anderstein becomes Genderstyn (sure there is a joke in there somehwere..), Houtrak is moved to the distant autumn.

Summer Season 2017 begins.

The summer season  is off to a flying start. Beautiful weather greeted us at Naarderbos for an afternoon match of middling to good golf.

Personally, I had issues with time of day, and day of week, having endured a 12 hour flight to get there, which was almost as long as it took Ray and Mandeep to travel from Amsterdam ! The first of 2 longest drives for Mandeep that day.

Congratulations to Sharon for her win and Andy for the only birdie.

The results are:

Naarderbos - Sat 25th Mar 2017

The Final

I knew I had to do something a bit special to get in the money prizes, so I was a bit nervous off the tee, putting my drive right in the trees.  My second hit a branch, came up short of the green, and when my chip rolled up and went in for birdie, I started hoping for a great round. I stayed out of trouble and hit well off the tee all day. On the 9th my drive left 160m to go so I went for the green bit hit wood again. Happy to see my third stay on the back of the green, I was even happier to see my putt snake in from 8m for my second birdie.